Worldwide Custom, High-Volume Uniforms

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Over the past few decades, Eagle Print Dynamics has created tens of thousands of customized apparel items for countless customers. Now, we are expanding our capabilities and taking customization to a whole new level with our recent acquisition of Kingsbury Uniforms, a Torrance-based manufacturer of custom uniforms and branded apparel. What does this mean for our customers?

High-Volume, Sewn-to-Order Uniforms

Prior to the Kingsbury acquisition, ready-made garments received custom logos and messaging via embroidery or print—and although this process is an ideal fit for some clients, the limitation of styles and quantity caps required certain clients to outsource branded products from a different supplier, even if they would have preferred to remain with us.

Now, we provide sewn-to-order clothing in higher volumes (1000 to 3000 minimum units), which may be specially designed and produced in a virtually limitless selection of customer-specified prints, colors, patterns, and materials. Clients with a significant regional or national presence and teams in multiple locations can now have all their branded uniform needs conveniently handled in one place, without needing to go anywhere else.

Custom Apparel for Any Occasion

Nothing brings a team together like well-designed, high-quality, custom-made uniforms. A cohesively clad team sends a strong brand message, promotes company unity, and generates enthusiasm among team members. With the combined expertise of Eagle and Kingsbury, we specialize in custom uniforms for a wide range of industries, including:

  • Retail grocery
  • Casino gaming
  • Transportation
  • Hospitality
  • Food service
  • Security
  • And more

In addition to uniforms, Eagle is also the best choice to provide customized event branding, such as for giveaways, trade shows, sporting events, corporate gatherings, graduations, and more. Call on us if your organization needs T-shirts, polos, jackets, caps, or any other promotional apparel from A to Z. We can handle it all for you!

Seamless Service Experience

The integration of Eagle and Kingsbury only enhances our customer service process, making it a more seamless experience than ever before. The Kingsbury team already shared Eagle’s service-oriented philosophy and focus on delivering the right products at the right time with exceptional responsiveness—a big part of why combining operations was a clear next step.

Just as Eagle had done not long before, Kingsbury established their own online ordering portal, visual estimates, and centralized management system to remove barriers between customers and the services they needed and automate the management of transactions to ensure accuracy, convenience, and timeliness. Together, we can serve even more customers with the speed and friendliness that they have learned to expect from both companies.

One-Stop-Shop for Branded Apparel

Eagle’s Vice President of Sales, Andrew Carte, is excited about the many ways that the acquisition of Kingsbury enhances the company’s capabilities for existing and future customers.

“With our combined, expanded operations, Eagle is taking its branding expertise to an entirely new level for both sets of customers,” he says.

“We are playing on a bigger field and providing greater access to our products around the world, all under one roof. People can outsource everything on their own and try to coordinate between a handful of vendors, or they can come to us, where we understand their company and its unique needs, and can apply our branding expertise and limitless capabilities to meet and exceed their expectations.”

A Powerful Partnership for You

With the acquisition of Kingsbury Uniforms, Eagle Print Dynamics continues a long tradition of strategic growth on behalf of its customers to provide access to the most advanced technology, creative services, and promotional opportunities available, all in the same place.

If your company is in need of branded apparel or custom-made uniforms, we invite you to reach out online or call us at 714-978-2200 for a free branding strategy consultation.

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