Highlight on Eagle’s Core Values: Ethics

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When it comes to ethical business practices, not all printing companies are the same. At Eagle Print Dynamics, we believe that our values define our company. We are 100% committed to operating based on three foundational core values: a commitment to unshakable ethics, passion for delivering results, and dependable service.

In this article, get a closer view of what “unshakable ethics” looks like to us.

Guided By the Golden Rule

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

This timeless Golden Rule that we all learned in school is the foundation of our company’s culture and ethical practices.

Whether the leadership team, the newest hire, or our suppliers, each person behind Eagle Print Dynamic’s operations is expected to follow this principle. Additionally, this expectation applies to all dealings representing our company, treating customers, vendors, and colleagues with the utmost respect.

Ethical Vendor Transactions

Eagle collaborates with a wide array of printing, promotional product, and apparel vendors, making a point to pay each in full and on time—always.

We know firsthand how critical it is for accurate accounting purposes that a company receives funds promptly. For that reason, and driven by the integrity of our leadership team, it is of primary importance to honor our contractual agreements and pay suppliers on time.

Finally, we hold vendors to our same values and work only with equally ethical people that similarly practice the Golden Rule in their business practices. Our procurement team continually evaluates existing suppliers based on how they handle various problems and assesses new sources in advance by seeking out unbiased online reviews and contacting references.

Ethics in action: Recently, an employee at one of our facilities was sent a $300 referral fee by a new vendor, a standard practice at that company. She immediately turned in the money to Eagle’s management, as receiving gifts goes against our Code of Ethics.

Ethical Customer Service

We are passionate about building and nurturing valuable relationships that help businesses grow. This means treating new and long-time clients like family with the highest respect and integrity. Trust is the foundation of all relationships, so we are consistently mindful that every communication we make and every action we take contributes to building long-term trust. We promise our customers an ethical approach for every project and transaction.

In fact, during Eagle’s weekly sales meeting, each salesperson is requested to provide a review of any ethical issues that came up and what they did to resolve them.

“Our business relationships always come first over money,” says Eagle’s CEO, Tim Smith. “In the case of occasional disputes, we will, of course, fight for what is fair. But making a profit is secondary to doing the right thing.”

Ethics in action: The Eagle team was working on a complex, multi-component kit when the wrong box was delivered, which didn’t match the proof that the client had approved. The project’s account manager decided to have the correct box printed by another vendor at our expense. Even though it was the original vendor’s fault, he was willing to give up his commission to ensure that the requirements were met.

Ethical Employee Communications

Each person on staff at Eagle’s facilities is held to the highest standards of honesty and expected to be completely forthright about all business situations, guided as usual by the Golden Rule.

Sometimes, printing errors occur. Other times, a delivery goes off-track, or a promotional product order is incorrect. These things happen to the best of us—part of being human is making mistakes. When something goes wrong, regardless of whose fault it is, the employees involved are expected to communicate what happened immediately and take responsibility for solving the problem, rather than covering it up, making excuses, or falsifying information.

Ethics in action: As Eagle’s team grows, our human resources staff and hiring managers screen for ethics, honesty, and integrity in the hiring process. During their interviews, candidates are asked revealing questions: “What are you most proud of?” “When have you gone above and beyond?” and “How would you handle this situation?” (followed by a hypothetical business quandary). We also address core values, including Ethics, when conducting periodic employee reviews.

Choose the Ethical Printer

If you prefer to do business with a printing and promotional product company that the Golden Rule guides, the ethical professionals at Eagle would love to discuss your next project. Make an appointment or call 714-978-2200 for a no-cost consultation.

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