Online Ordering Solutions

Your company store is a reflection of who you are just as much as the merchandise, which is why our job doesn’t end at the fulfillment of your print materials. We go above and beyond by offering online storefront management through our exclusive Eagle Ordering Portal–where merchandise can be purchased at any time. We do the heavy lifting by fulfilling orders, ensuring stock is always available and shipping directly to the buyer.

You’re in full control.

The Eagle Ordering Portal provides the client with complete control and transparency: manager approvals, report creation, inventory management, and much more.

Full customization.

A tailored virtual company store that seamlessly integrates with your brand on the front end while providing modern convenience and control on the back end.

Easy and efficient.

With the Eagle Ordering Portal, we streamline the client’s processes for print, apparel, promotions, and more. Order from anywhere, anytime.

The benefit of one stop.

Get consistent results by putting a dedicated team in charge of quality and brand fidelity.


We’re proud to be the promotional partner of so many great companies. Click below to hear directly from them about the difference Eagle has made for their businesses.

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