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If you’re looking for the best way to boost your company’s marketing impact and get your brand noticed, make sure to include promotional products in your organization’s strategy. This article tells you why and offers recommendations on trending products to optimize your brand visibility in 2022.

Why Brand Your Business?

Branded promotional products, especially practical ones, are proven materials that recipients hang onto for the long-haul—reminding them of your business as far as twelve months later, according to the 2021 Promotional Products Consumer Study Report. More importantly, 85% of people voice their desire to receive a promotional product over a promotional email, according to PPAI’s Research 2021 Consumer Study Report. This tells us that people are asking for branded items, and it’s the cherry on top that it benefits your business from the inside out.

Whether your company is targeting new customers, exhibiting at trade shows, thanking loyal clients, or recognizing key employees, putting your logo on premium, high-use items will go a long way towards increasing brand impressions, expanding exposure, and maintaining positive mindshare with your audiences.

Examples of Business Branding Products

The expert branding team at Eagle has compiled a few of its favorite promotional items that are sure to be popular this year. This is just a small sample of the products we have available. Ask us for more ideas!

  • Auburn Tri Fold Wireless Desk Pad

    This ingenious, all-in-one office solution is a portable, folding desktop designed for road warriors. The fully equipped desk pad uses magnets to hold the 10W bamboo wireless charger, and bamboo pen/card organizer in place. Even better, this desk pad includes a convenient laptop, tablet, and book stand and is made from antibacterial rPET (recycled plastic.
  • Austin Wireless Powerbank Portfolio

Our compact zippered portfolio features a notebook, pen holder, credit card slots, storage pocket, and a removable UL-listed 5000 mAh power bank with 5V,2A cable for charging on the go. PU + heathered fabric; antibacterial, rPET material.

  • Chi-Charge Trio

    We think this combination of wireless charger and hot/cold beverage temperature regulator is positively brilliant! Ideal for home or office desktop use, the Chi-Charge Trio keeps wirelessly charged devices powered up while maintaining the temperature of hot or cold drinks—coffee mug included.
  • Tele-Port

    In today’s age of multi-tasking, your busy clients will be thrilled with this practical phone stand for hands-free use! Both height and tilt are adjustable to position the phone screen at the perfect angle securely. In addition, the large, full-color dome imprint will make your brand stand out like a desktop billboard, giving you high impressions at a cost-effective price.

Isn’t it incredible that one little plastic card can protect sensitive data from electronic pickpocketing? RFID blocking technology fits into standard credit and debit card slots to keep the contents of any wallet safe from high-tech thieves while out and about. Your recipients will be grateful whenever they see your branding on this essential item.

  • Apple Paper ApPeel® Medio Slim Mid-Size Note

Made from apple peels that are ground and emulsified into organic paper, this ground-breaking, eco-sourced notebook is animal friendly, sustainable, and all-natural. This office-favorite note contains 160 pages with green lines, gray end pages with colorful stripes, an attached gold ribbon marker, and back paper pocket.

The Outlook of Business Branding

The increasing trend toward remote working has created a higher demand for business-related promotional products such as those on our list above, ideal for both at-home telecommuters and frequent travelers who are getting back on the road again.

For that reason, these and similar branded business-focused products are likely to remain popular and highly in-demand well into the future.

By investing in quality merchandise and giving key customers or employees valuable items that they will appreciate and use in their daily work lives, you can ensure that your brand remains top of mind with a positive association for a long time to come.

Call on the Branding Experts

The promotional product team at Eagle Print Dynamics has decades of knowledge to support you in finding the most effective solutions to achieve your marketing goals—whether out on the road or in your own office. Contact us today or call 714-978-2200 to schedule a consultation.

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