What Goes Into the Ultimate Swag Hat?

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When it comes to high-impact branding at an affordable price, you can’t beat stylish headwear that puts your logo front, center, and eye-level all year round! This article explains why and how your organization should choose swag hats as your next promotional item.

Benefits of using promotional swag hats

Swag hats serve as a walking billboard and built-in competitive advantage for your brand. Here are just a few examples as to how swag hats elevate your marketing:

High exposure – A recent advertising specialties industry survey found that 69% of U.S. consumers own promotional hats and one-third of men wear them at least weekly, leading to 3,400+ impressions per hat.

Affordable ROI – Providing 3400 impressions, a $10 cap has a very low CPI (cost per impression) of only 3/10 of one cent. That’s a lot of free advertising for minimal cost! So don’t think “expense,” believe “huge return on investment.”

Gain consumer trust ­– According to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 83% of swag recipients are more likely to do business with an advertiser and 88% looked up a company after receiving a branded item.

Universal appeal – Men and women of all ages enjoy wearing swag hats. They are also unisex in design, so if you choose an adjustable fit, you don’t need to order different styles or sizes for giveaways (other than smaller sizing for children, if applicable).

Effective team-builder – Handing out swag hats to a company group, sports team, classroom, or volunteer assembly creates an instant bond that connects everyone involved. Even after the event, most people will continue wearing their hat day-to-day.

Launch or rebrand – If you want to get your logo out there in a visible way, giving away classy, custom swag caps through your social media accounts will increase brand recognition. Plus, they are positioned front and center on the wearer’s head so no one can miss them!

Coolness factor – Best of all, swag hats are always a big hit, no matter where you are or who you are giving them away to.

For all these reasons and more, swag hats should be an important part of your promotional and marketing strategy.

High-quality swag hat features

The same PPAI study mentioned above also found that 72% of consumers believe that a specialty item’s quality reflects the company’s reputation. So, resist the urge to skimp and be sure to select a superior swag hat that makes a positive, long-lasting impression.

At Eagle Print Dynamics, we can customize a wide range of premium hat styles, from baseball caps to knitted beanies. In addition, our in-house design experts will create first-class graphics, along with your logo and messaging that communicate the uniqueness of your brand.

What exactly goes into producing the ultimate swag hat? Here are the most important considerations:

  1. Choose high-quality construction and premium materials that not only reflect your brand’s commitment to excellence, but also make people want to wear your hat on a regular basis: twill, cotton, and canvas are good bets.
  2. Let Eagle’s experienced creative professionals develop a custom design with your logo, brand colors, and powerful messaging for maximum impact.
  3. Printing or embroidery? It depends on the style; either can be effective when well-executed. Our team will support you in making the best choice.
  4. Type of hat: Baseball, beanie (cuffed or with pom), bucket, or any other style that fits your brand personality and appeals to your target audience.
  5. Brim style and closures: over the years, baseball caps have evolved into several distinct styles, including:
  • Snapback – Flat brim, high-structured profile, adjustable snap closure.
  • Adjustable – Curved brim, low and unstructured profile, velcro closure.
  • Fitted – Curved or flat brim, high-structured profile, not adjustable.
  • Flexfit– Curved or flat brim, high-structured profile, adjustable with elastic.
  • Trucker – Curved brim, high foam front panels with plastic mesh backing, adjustable snapback closure.
  • “Dad hat” – Curved brim, low profile, relaxed fit, cotton or canvas (sometimes faded), buckle slide or Velcro closure.

Get your swag hat on with Eagle!

Whatever your promotional marketing goals, Eagle Print Dynamics is here to help you select, custom design, and produce the ultimate, superior quality swag hat. Just give our team a call at 714-978-2200 or contact us online.

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