The Impact of Custom-Designed Labels

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Custom labels will make a significant impact on your marketing and branding. You can achieve powerful impressions using a myriad of processes, all within your budget requirements. Whether labeling food products, healthcare, or Government agencies, custom labels are one of the most effective and inexpensive branding tools available.

Eagle’s custom label printing process

For the best results, start with your goals in mind. How do the labels fit into your overall marketing, branding, or promotional strategy? These are the essential questions at the beginning of a project, and Eagle Print’s custom label process and initial consultation will cover the answers. A few questions include:

  • What is the purpose of this custom label?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How and where will the label be used?
  • To what surface does it adhere?
  • What happens after the label is applied? Does the end user remove it, does it go into a freezer, etc.?

Our team will discover the best materials, printing methods, finishes, and adhesives for your product based on the initial consultation. For example, a label intended for a store shelf or pantry will require very different materials and treatments than one designed to weather the elements on a gasoline pump—we’re familiar with these distinctive details and will give you our expert recommendations.

The most impactful and durable solutions are high-quality ones that your clients will feel and be impressed by immediately. Our goal is to satisfy you and those who will receive your items.

Versatile design and printing options for custom labels

Among our favorite jobs, custom labels are at the top of the list! Custom labels go as far as your imagination, and each aspect will be completely tailored to your needs.

Equipment That Goes the Extra Mile

Our vast range of label printing equipment means we can provide a variety of sizes, materials, adhesives, and finishing touches, from the simple to the complex. Regardless of material, size, imprint colors, type of finish, such as special shape die-cuts, embossed stickers, or a soft-touch matte finish—it’s all within our capabilities.

The Finishing Touches

If your labels are meant for machinery, outdoor equipment, or other, our team will suggest the proper, more robust materials, more aggressive adhesives, UV or laminated finishes, and the most appropriate printing process to tolerate extreme temperatures, withstand environmental exposure, and resist fading.

Alternatively, we’ll take a completely different approach for retail food or cosmetic packaging labels, which rely on vibrant colors, eye-catching design, and creative typography to stand out on the shelf. We can also provide extended content labels for pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement products that require additional consumer information.

Custom Labels “In the Wild”

There is always a place for custom labels, as they have a nearly endless range of applications. For instance, we’ve printed labels for shipping, entertainment, food and beverage packaging, product merchandising, medical items, cosmetics, electronics, manufacturing, construction, utilities, automotive, agricultural, local and county governments, military branches, schools, nonprofits, and many other sectors.

These client success stories demonstrate the array of custom label solutions provided by Eagle:

Amazon Prime – As part of a studio promotion, we recently printed sticker sheets with individual die-cut characters from the popular animated series, “Fairfax,” which fans of the television show can apply to water bottles, tablets, and other surfaces.

Private Label For a National Grocery Chain – We worked with the supplier of this specialty grocery chain’s Sea Salt Caramels to customize their packaging labels and information under the grocery chain’s brand.

Josie Maran Cosmetics – Embroidered Stickers! This unique sticker is different from your standard vinyl sticker.

Census/Elections – Eagle is responsible for printing the “I Voted” and U.S. Census stickers for several municipalities in California. In fact, our in-house label expert, Rodger Price, printed the first voting labels for the San Diego County Registrar more than two decades ago. They have since been produced around the nation.

County Sealers of Weights and Measures – Every year, inspectors throughout California measure the flow of every fuel pump at every gas station to ensure accuracy. Eagle prints those certification labels for nearly all the counties in the state.

Covid Testing – A large California County tapped Eagle to print Covid testing labels.

Plumbing Service – Our team produced writeable water heater service labels that can stand up to higher temperatures and adhere over long time periods.

Construction – We print scannable bar code labels for the purchase of large rolls of Kraft paper used by contractors as surface protection.

Military – Mil-Spec nameplates for extreme environments.

Leave Custom Labels in the Hands of Professionals

Entrust your custom labels to the expert and professional team at Eagle Print Dynamics. We have been producing labels for over five decades. We have seen simple one color labels grow into full color, new and exciting processes, and now into on-demand digital labels. We are constantly expanding our knowledge as new technologies come out to find you the greatest bang for your buck.

Schedule a free consult with us by visiting our website or calling 714-978-2200.

We’re excited to start creating with you!

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