Custom Online Company Stores the Easy Way

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For large organizations or complex enterprises with multiple locations, the management of print materials, apparel, and branded items can seem like an entire business on its own! Maintaining adequate inventory, handling reorders, coordinating personalized items, ensuring accuracy, and arranging shipments of high-volume materials on your own tends to be inefficient, time-consuming, costly, error prone, and immensely frustrating.

Thankfully, there’s a simpler, less stressful solution—creating your own custom online company store from Eagle Print Dynamics! At no cost to you, we will set up and maintain a free virtual company store and dedicated account manager for eligible clients, customized through our exclusive Eagle Ordering Portal (EOP).

Eagle also offers warehousing and fulfillment services to make your life even easier and provide a true one-stop resource for all your printing and promotional product needs. Keep reading to learn more about our convenient material management solutions.

What is sold in an online company store?

Company stores have evolved tremendously since the early 20th-century. Then, physical storefronts were necessary in lumber and mining towns. But today, virtual company stores exist entirely online as a way for organizations to manage high volumes of printed materials and branded products.

The products carried in a custom online store vary depending on your needs and are not “sold” in the traditional sense. Instead, products are available on-demand, with certain restrictions put in place. All of which can be printed and produced by Eagle, your curated items are offered through a password-protected EOP platform for internal ordering and deliveries. The products your store carries may include:

  • Business cards
  • Sales collateral
  • Marketing materials
  • Invoices, checks, and applications
  • Uniforms and branded apparel
  • Promotional products
  • New hire kits (static and dynamic)
  • Employee appreciation items

How do online company stores work?

Eagle Print Dynamics takes advantage of the latest e-commerce technology to create a virtual company storefront that will be recognizable and intuitive for all your employees who surf the internet. Here are just a few of our features:

  • Each person has their own password-protected account and can only view the items that are pre-approved for their access, based on individual employee status. For instance, your Marketing Manager will have the capacity to see and order marketing materials and sales collateral, while a warehouse worker will only be able to view a limited selection of branded company items.
  • We establish and maintain an automated record of all available inventory, so you can easily track when items are getting low. Our EOP will even send email reminders based on pre-set amounts to designated employees who are responsible for re-ordering.
  • The EOP integrates with your organization’s internal purchase order system to simplify payments and shipping. You can also assign customizable budget limits for each employee, with managerial authorizations required in over that amount.
  • Any personalized items, such as business cards must undergo a thorough, redundant proofing and approval process to ensure accuracy of names, titles, and contact information.
  • Eagle can even maintain your physical inventory and coordinate the complex packaging and shipping process, delivering to multiple facilities, retail stores, franchises, distributor network, or remote employees at their homes. We will ensure that your personnel always get the right product at the right time in the appropriate quantities.

This is more than just an online store—it’s comprehensive, end-to-end printing and fulfillment services for your entire organization.

Benefits of custom online company stores

Opening a virtual company store with Eagle Print Dynamics has no downside and numerous benefits such as:

Makes ordering reliable, easy, and efficient

Every item and detail tracked all in one place, with automated functionality.

Ensures timely delivery of in-stock items

We’ll make sure you never run out of critical items at the wrong time again.

Warehouses a curated inventory

Let us take all those pallets (and product tracking) off your hands—securely!

Limits available merchandise to personnel status

We ensure that each employee only has access to approved items and spending limits.

Can be 100% tailored to your needs

A full range of customization options is available to suit any requirements.

Simplifies inventory, shipping, and payment

We’ll do it all for you and utilize our streamlined shipping and billing process.

Improves your staff’s productivity

You no longer need to hire dedicated employees to manage printed materials or divert workers from their primary tasks.

Puts you in full control

You can customize every aspect of the store to work with your systems and flow.

No charge for the store itself

This service is 100% free to eligible customers! There may be additional fees for warehousing and fulfillment.

All orders require authorized approval

No more costly mistakes or unauthorized orders slipping through the cracks.

Saves time, money, and sanity!

Reduce labor costs and outsource all the hard stuff to Eagle Print Dynamics.

Get started with your online store immediately!

For qualified customers, nothing could be easier than launching a custom online store with Eagle’s straightforward, step-by-step process. We’ll even assign a dedicated customer service expert to help you create, update, and manage it. Here is the seamless process:

  • Set Up – Fill out an intake form, schedule an accounting call, and determine login credentials.
  • Virtual Store Design – This is when you customize the branding, select products, and assign manager approvals.
  • Ordering Access – Determine curated items for on-demand access by location, division, and employee status.
  • Stock Management – Set up initial orders, low inventory prompts, reporting, and repeat quantities.

Take the first step today! Just call 714-978-2200 or contact us for a free Zoom demo.

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