Power Banks and Adapters: Safe, Convenient Peace of Mind

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You’ve seen it on the news: Data theft and cybercrime are at an all-time high. Computer viruses, malware, and identity theft lead to loss of privacy, money, and peace of mind. Cybercriminals can hack your personal data and other valuable information using any number of devious means: through unsecured computer or mobile-device networks, using hidden card skimmers and RFID readers, and by sending phishing emails and texts. 

Unfortunately it doesn’t end there. Cybercrooks are always trying to stay ahead of the game, continuing to innovate and invent ways to steal unsuspecting peoples’ data. 

At Eagle Print, we like to educate our customers about important strategies to stay safe in an increasingly hostile digital world. 

According to this recent article on cybersecurity, the FBI has seen a rise in a new kind of threat called “juice jacking.” Juice jacking happens when a mobile-device user plugs their phone into a seemingly safe charging port at a public place like an airport, hotel, shopping center, or library. Rather than being a simple charging port, criminals hijack the device with the goal of infecting it with malware or other software, eventually giving hackers access to the user’s phone, tablet, or computer.

Luckily, the FBI also offers an easy and convenient tip to avoid juice jacking—simply carry a portable power bank or outlet adapter. Power banks keep you safely powered up all day, while adapters add an effective firewall against would-be hackers. Plus, with power banks, gone are the days of battery anxiety, watching your phone’s power level and searching for an outlet. While you’re at it, consider switching to USB-C, a newer technology that’s faster and more efficient than older USB options.

Power Up Your Safety and Peace of Mind with Portable Electronics from Eagle Print Dynamics!

Good news: Eagle Print Dynamics carries a comprehensive range of USB-C power banks and adapters to keep you, your team, and your customers safe from cybercrime—while staying charged and secure all day!

65-watt adapter from HyperBlok

Safely and quickly charge up to three devices at once (2xUSB-C + 1xUSB-A), including laptops, mobile phones, and a variety of mobile electronics with this 65-watt adapter from HyperBlok. The compact adapter is powered by GaN (Gallium nitride) power technology, allowing for ultra-fast charging speeds.

Three-Device Wall Charger from Anker

Or for a sleek and ultra-fast adapter sure to impress any client, check out this three-device Wall Charger from Anker. The PowerPort III can charge multiple items at once, including a phone, tablet, headphones, and USB-C notebook. Or connect a single device for a 65-watt maximum charge—enough to power up a MacBook Pro at full speed. 

MagCube PRO 10,000 mAh charger

Anyone with a magnetic-charging-capable phone (think iPhone 12, 13, and 14 with MagSafe) will appreciate this compact powerhouse: the MagCube PRO 10,000 mAh charger. It features a magnetic snap-on wireless charging design, an ultra-slim battery, up to 20 watts of super-fast charging speed, and a kickstand for hands-free display. Discerning clients will appreciate this top-of-the-line accessory that keeps their critical devices safely powered throughout the day. The see-through digital display is an added bonus.

MagGo Magnetic Portable Battery from Anker

Or check out the MagGo Magnetic Portable Battery from Anker, featuring both a charger and a stand. Quickly snap and go. Attach the MagSafe-compatible charger to the back of your phone for a 5-watt wireless charge. 

Data Block USB Charging Adapter

In the event you absolutely have to plug into a public charging port or computer, this tiny accessory is great to have on hand. The Data Block USB Charging Adapter acts as a secure firewall between your device and the power source, protecting you from viruses, malware, data transfer, and hacking.

FlyE1 Wireless Audio Transmitter

Since we’re discussing the latest in digital safety and portable devices, it’s a great time to check out other new and innovative travel accessories for your customers or your team. 

Summer’s here, and people are hitting the road. Impress any would-be traveler with the FlyE1 Wireless Audio Transmitter. Connect Bluetooth wireless headphones, earbuds, or speakers to any audio jack, whether it’s on a plane, boat, or at the gym. 

Mobi phone and tablet holder

Speaking of travel, jet-setting customers love the Mobi phone and tablet holder. Made with durable Neoprene and Lycra, it bends and folds to handle the toughest situations, and the integrated stand makes it perfect for any setting, no matter if you’re flying, cruising, or—ugh—waiting.

4-in-1 Charger

This 4-in-1 charger is a traveler’s dream, featuring a USB-C, a micro USB, a lightning charger, and an Apple Watch magnetic fast charger. Throw it in your bag and go. 

Connect All Lanyard Charging Cable

Perfect for events like conventions, trade shows, and sports, the Connect All Lanyard Charging Cable charges any smartphone with a USB-C connector, and it features a combination tip for lightning port and micro-USB charging. Detach the keychain clip and the lanyard to create a three-foot charging cable.

Nomad Travel Tech Bag

Finally, a single convenient place for your customers to store their digital accessories, whether they’re on the road or in the air, is in the Nomad Travel Tech Bag, featuring a genuine leather strap, waterproof fabric, multiple zippered pockets, a bungee strap organizer, and a customizable Velcro base compartment. Perfect for wherever your adventure takes you!

Eagle is the best place to find a full selection of digital safety gear, mobile accessories, and more! Contact us online or call (714) 978-2200.

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