7 Ways to Thank Your Employees

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The success of any company is based on the strength of its workforce. In this season of gratitude, there is no better time to turn your thoughts toward employee appreciation, which many business experts say is a key factor in employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

Accelerate Your Employee Appreciation

Although a comprehensive discussion of effective employee recognition programs is beyond the scope of this blog post, one best practice that many experts agree upon is using a mix of both tangible and intangible rewards. 

An example of an intangible reward is verbal or written recognition, which can be just as motivational as money when done right. For optimum effectiveness, such feedback needs to be specific, timely (tied to the action being praised), frequent, and related to company values. Tangible rewards can be monetary bonuses, special events/experiences, merchandise gifts, certificates, plaques, or award statuettes. Eagle Print Dynamics is available to help you with the last four items!

Keep in mind that printed certificates, while appreciated, should always be accompanied by a more valuable gift. For the most impact, let Eagle design an elevated certificate that includes foil embossing and a protective holder, such as this one or this one

Some of our clients publicly acknowledge employees on a monthly or quarterly basis with a certificate, paired with custom-designed years of service lapel pin. Others invite recipients to order something special from either a branded online portal with high-end company swag and seasonal apparel or a retail recognition site that offers such high-ticket rewards as TVs, watches, jewelry, couture, technology devices, and more.

We can also create Years of Service packages customized to the organization’s products, culture, and brands such as an upscale work tote with desk accessories, a box containing golf balls and related apparel, or even a terracotta flower pot kit containing a commemorative lapel pin. Packages may also include branded drinkware, technology, caps, T-shirts, jackets, hobby items like golf balls, and more.

For personal employee milestones, we have produced care packages for Human Resources to send to parents of a new baby such as a swaddle blanket, mobile, and BPA-free bottles. Or for a wedding, champagne and crystal flutes are impactful. We once created a custom party favor package for an employee celebration that included a bottle of spirits with “My Drink Bombs” flavor bomb mixers. Gifts can be packaged in specially designed custom mailer boxes.

Reach out to our team to schedule a free consultation.

Make an Impression with Awards

Significant milestones, such as Retirement, Years of Service, Sales Achievements, and Employee of the Month, call for more formal, heavyweight awards that recipients feel proud to accept and display. These meaningful desktop monuments can be produced in a wide range of styles and materials. For maximum impact, these should be presented at appreciation ceremonies.

Our Favorite Award Options 

Perpetual Awards for Longevity

To commemorate employees who reach Years of Service markers, the experts at Eagle recommend perpetual awards that can be updated at regular intervals in various creative ways. Some examples of these include: 

Nikoli Concerto Perpetual Award

Stunning Starphire glass with polished edges takes an elegant stance atop its matching base. Accented with the colorful magnetic attachment for specific achievements.

Blue and Optic Crystal Beveled Towers

An excellent award for years of service, sales goal achievement, donor recognition, and more. Accommodates up to six total glass bars with silver color fill.

Sales Awards or Employee of the Month

For performance-based milestones that lend themselves to repetition, we suggest choosing a durable, yet easily updatable award base, such as this one:

Optic Crystal Tri-Pinnacle Tower

Ideal for recognizing milestones as they occur: years of service awards, sales goals, quarter, semi-annual and annual accomplishments, and company-specific objectives. Holds up to eight glass bars.


Highlight an employee’s years of service, sales achievements, safety milestones, and more with eye-catching, acrylic, magnetic number attachments.

Beyond the Glass

If your company’s culture is more on the creative side, Eagle can also help you find many unique, contemporary award options with stylish, non-traditional block and cylinder designs:

Elements 360

Visions’ NEW Elements 360 Collection allows for full-color imagery and messaging on all sides of the award, even the top, with your choice of four finishes (stone, oak, aluminum, and black) to enhance your design.


The Sleek 8″ cylinder-shaped award features natural concrete paired with your choice of four colors of polished resin. Skillfully etched and color-filled imprints carry your words of congratulations.

Cosmos Umbra

Eye-catching resin and concrete combination blend beautifully in this skillfully crafted cube. Add your etched imprint on any side to turn this work of art into a meaningful award.

How Does Your Organization Measure Up?

Does your organization recognize employees for their performance and contributions? If so, how often? According to a recent survey by Zippia, statistics show:

• Organizations with employee recognition programs see employee performance, engagement, and productivity increase by 14% more than those without.

• Companies with good employee recognition strategies are 48% more likely to have high employee engagement rates.

• 69% of employees planning to quit their jobs said that receiving recognition and rewards would cause them to choose to stay at their current positions.

• A lack of recognition is the number three reason why employees leave their jobs.

Gallup research found only 36% of employees report their organization having some sort of recognition system in place. And while it is important to honor significant employee anniversaries, exemplary performance, and other milestones, the best recognition programs find ways to acknowledge employees regularly throughout the year.

Let Eagle Help Thank Your Employees

Your company wouldn’t be where it is without your employees—so be sure to appreciate and reward them often for their accomplishments! The Eagle Print Dynamics team is happy to brainstorm recognition program ideas and provide you with custom-branded awards, apparel, and acknowledgment gifts. Contact us or call 714-978-2200 to set up a consultation.

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