Trending Work and Uniform Styles to Watch in 2023

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After more than two years of working from home in loungewear, we’ve all become used to dressing down. Sometimes it seems work fashion may never return to its pre-pandemic formality. As many employees return to the office full-time or on a hybrid basis, they are discovering dress codes have become much more restrictive.

This casual dress code trend has also affected uniform styles for a wide range of customer-facing businesses. However, service-based companies can still ensure that their staff appear professional with uniquely branded uniforms—whether in hospitality, food service, security, home services, retail, or sales staff at trade shows.

“Our uniform division is seeing a noticeable demand for informal business apparel that still looks put-together,” says Eagle Print Dynamics’ Vice President of Sales, Andrew Carte. “There are even some industries that traditionally did not use uniforms, but now want employees to present a coordinated team image with branded T-shirts and accessories.”

In this article, the Eagle team looks ahead to what 2023 has in store for office wear and work uniform trends.

It’s Work…It’s Leisure…It’s Workleisure

First, there was “Athleisure.” is “Workleisure.” According to StyleSage, this brand-new fashion category is defined as “elevated athleisure meets power dressing with relaxed comfort.” 

And we are likely to see more of this in the coming year.

Essentially, workleisure uses materials from the sportswear category to create dresses, jackets, and leggings, for a look that can go right from the workplace to a beach walk. Think loose, breathable, and stretchy, yet polished. This look can translate to uniforms as leggings, relaxed jeans, or even joggers with a graphic logo T-shirt under a branded windbreaker or sweatshirt, for example. 

Make it Power Casual

A step up from workleisure is the category of “power casual,” which is rapidly gaining in popularity and poised to be a dominant office wear factor in 2023.

Favoring comfy knit fabrics, spandex, and elastic waistbands, power casual is practical and functional, yet fashionable enough for a night out after work. When it comes to uniforms, power casual might look like a pair of khakis with a sharp polo shirt or a contoured T-shirt with special details underneath an unstructured knit cardigan, pullover, sweatshirt, or blazer.

It’s All About the Comfort

Business comfort has evolved from pre-Covid “business casual” style favorites. 

In an office environment, this approach might overlap quite a bit with power casual attire, with its focus on professional clothing that is polished, with a layer of comfort.

For customer-facing workers, our examples of business comfort attire are designed to bring more versatility to uniforms, mainly if they work in an outdoor setting. This includes polo and woven shirts with built-in sun protection, long-sleeve T-shirts, zip sweaters and sweatshirts, men’s and women’s pullovers, fleece or down vests, and anoraks.

Accessorize Your Team

Employees with outdoor roles need head protection from heat, cold, or weather. Headwear is another work uniform trend that offers an opportunity for brand consistency. Whether you choose a classic baseball cap, trucker cap, wide-brimmed sun hat, or a knit hat or beanie for your team, we can help you find the perfect style for 2023 and beyond! 

Need Uniforms? Give Us a Call!

In short, workwear and uniforms for 2023 are trending toward casual styles, comfortable fabrics, and functional design. Our experts can help you create the right look for your company, with unique branding that will make them all yours. Contact the Eagle team or call 714-978-2200 to schedule a meeting.

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