How Swag Accelerates Your Brand’s Image

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Promotional products are more than a pretty sight—they are a proven way to increase your ROI. Two recent consumer studies prove what Eagle Print Dynamics has known for decades: printing and distributing branded items are the most effective and economical ways to boost your brand’s image. This is why we believe every organization deserves high-quality promotional items (known as “swag”).

What consumers really think of swag

In 2019, the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) conducted an online survey of 3,000 consumers, ages 18–78, in the U.S. and Canada. The resulting report is full of interesting results:

  • 80% of people enjoy receiving promotional products.
  • 70% wished they received swag more often.
  • 79% regift an item they don’t want to keep (expanding its reach).
  • 72% believe that the promo’s quality reflects the company’s reputation.
  • 83% of swag recipients are more likely to do business with an advertiser.
  • 88% looked up a company after receiving a branded item.
  • 100% are willing to go out of their way to get swag.

These results clearly demonstrate that you can’t go wrong with promotional items. Unlike other forms of advertising, swag is something that your customers actively seek and want to receive more of—whether or not they are already familiar with your brand!

The benefits of promotional products for your business

Using promotional swag strategically—whether standalone or as a supporting aspect of an integrated marketing campaign—accelerates your brand’s image in many ways, including:

  • Helping your brand stand out in the market
  • Differentiating you from the competition
  • Showcasing your company’s professionalism
  • Boosting brand recognition
  • Grabbing the attention of potential clients
  • Promoting customer loyalty
  • Establishing authenticity; and
  • Expanding marketing reach

Intentionally curated, unique, and practical products are likely something a consumer will keep for the long haul. This extends the life and effectiveness of the branding tool.

Which promo items are the most effective?

Wearables such as shirts, caps, and outerwear are consistently the leading promotional product category and serve as a walking billboard for your brand. Drinkware (mugs and water bottles), office accessories (writing instruments or desktop items), and technology (USB drives and power banks) are among the most popular.

The report we mentioned earlier from the Advertising Specialty Institute breaks down the ROI of several high-performing promotional categories. Here are a few of those statistics that show the powerful results a business can get from swag:

Drinkware – 78% of all consumers and 84% of baby boomers own promotional drinkware while 71% of Gen Xers are more likely to do business with the advertiser who gave it to them. A $7 drinkware item has a cost-per-impression (CPI) of under of ½ cent and is kept an average of 12 months, generating 1,400 lifetime impressions.

Desk Accessories – 64% of consumers own promotional desk accessories which are kept an average of 13 months, generating 1,450 lifetime impressions for a CPI of 3/10 of a cent. 56% of consumers use promo desk items at least weekly, and 67% of millennials have a more favorable opinion of an advertiser who gave them the desk accessory.

USB Drives – 58% of consumers own promotional USBs and 43% keep them for two years or longer, resulting in 700 lifetime impressions. 47% would give away a USB drive if they didn’t want it, extending the reach of this product. A $5 USB drive has a CPI of 7/10 of a cent.

Outerwear – 67% of consumers own promotional outerwear and 70% keep it for a year or longer, and 42% of women wear their items on a weekly basis. Promotional outerwear will generate 6,100 impressions over its lifetime with a CPI of only 3/10 of a cent per impression (based on a $20 jacket).

Writing Instruments – 89% of consumers own promotional pens or other writing instruments, with 20% owning more than 10. They are kept an average of 9 months, creating 3,000 lifetime impressions for a CPI of only 1/10 of a cent. 51% state they would be more likely to do business with the advertiser who gave it to them.

T-Shirts – 80% of consumers own promotional T-shirts– 63% keep them for over a year and 47% keep them 2 years or longer. Millennials in this study report owning an average of five promotional tees each! With 3,400 lifetime impressions at $7 per T-shirt, their CPI is just 2/10 of a cent.

Eagle can help guide your swag strategy

Wondering where to begin? The promotional product experts at Eagle Print Dynamics enjoy strategizing effective approaches to get the best branding results and CPI from your swag campaign. We will support you with product selection for your specific target market, design, messaging, and more. To get started, contact us online or call 714-978-2200.

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