5 Winning Ideas for New Hire Kits that Impress

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In our current economic environment, a growing team is something to celebrate. New employees and existing staff alike should feel welcome to the team and valued throughout their time at your company.

Eagle Print Dynamics specializes in creating custom-curated kits based on each employer’s individual needs and workforce to wow new hires when their first day arrives. Here are only a few of the many options.

Branded apparel and basics

We recommend starting off each kit with apparel items branded with your company logo. If your business requires, branding these are an incredible place to start. Even non-uniformed employees can showcase company pride with gifted, optional branded apparel.

We frequently see companies brand polos, T-shirts, hoodies, light jackets or windbreakers, and baseball or trucker caps. Other popular items include socks, safety vests, or button-down shirts, depending on the department.

Additional essential items for new hire kits include retractable ID badge holders, coffee mugs, water bottles, and pens.

Desktop kit for office hires

Administration, human resources, marketing staff, remote home-based workers, interns, and other office hires will likely utilize a desk space for work. Eagle desktop kits can include:

  • Mousepads
  • Paper clip holders
  • Mobile phone stands
  • Calendars; and
  • Notebooks

each item is a practical addition to various employees, reminding them of their company pride and appreciation.

Warehouse and factory worker ideas

Think food and fun for your blue-collar workforce, with promotional items they can use and enjoy on the job or with their families: insulated lunch coolers, tote bags, reusable straws, bottle openers, beverage cozies, carabiner clips, knit caps, custom vinyl stickers, flying discs, fidget spinners, and other novelty items.

Destress your sales staff

Whether your newest salesperson will be out on the road or working virtually from home, selling is a high-pressure job. Soothe them in advance with a cool backpack, laptop holder, charging cable, power bank, earbuds, cell phone pop socket, travel mug, RFID wallet, throw blanket, and stress ball.

Goodies for Managers and executives

We recommend a bigger ticket item to accompany higher-level roles, such as managers or executive team members. Premium products to consider are: adjustable laptop stands, charging mousepads, briefcases or messenger bags, Bluetooth speakers, leather business card cases, aluminum wallets, and wine or shot glasses.

Let us guide you to create high-impact new hire kits

The ideas above are just a starting point to show you what is possible. Our team has been developing custom curated new hire kits for many years—we would love the chance to help you select, print, and deliver the best items for your new employees, interns, and executives. It is suggested that you order and produce promotional products and apparel well in advance. Now is a great time to plan ahead for 2022 hires.

To get started, simply contact the Eagle Print Dynamics professionals today at 714-978-2200 or make an online appointment. We can’t wait to support your custom new hire kit production!

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