Time to Start Your Holiday Swag Shopping

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Although Summer hasn’t entirely passed us by, December has a way of sneaking up on us. Instead of falling victim to challenging market conditions and delayed orders, consider a head start on your holiday swag orders for client, partner, vendor, and employee gifts.

How early is too early?

As you may have noticed in your own operations, multiple economic issues caused by the prolonged pandemic have affected the global supply chain in numerous industries, from raw material shortages, insufficient labor supply, and overseas shipping delays. Consequently, costs are surging, stock is shrinking, and both production and delivery times are taking longer than ever. What used to take three to four weeks now takes three to four months.

With many apparel and merchandise suppliers located in China, India, and South American countries, the premium promotional products industry is feeling the squeeze. By starting your collaboration with the Eagle Print Dynamics team now, we can help you navigate this difficult environment and find the most creative, cost-effective solutions for 2021 holiday swag gift-giving.

Gift-giving with a helping hand

In previous years, fulfilling your organization’s holiday shopping was as simple as asking an office staff member to order from a catalog or website. Unfortunately, the pandemic has taken a toll on e-commerce, resulting in items being discontinued as suppliers scale back. As a consequence, gift-givers are spending several days searching but remaining empty-handed.

After four decades in the promotional products and branded apparel business, the depth of our industry connections benefits our clients with a tremendous advantage: creative workarounds to circumvent any supply chain issues. Eagle Print Dynamics has spent decades perfecting its ability to locate items in unique places and offering alternatives not yet considered.

Recently, we were able to locate very similar products as out-of-stock styles for two different, delighted customers—a backpack and a specially designed wallet—and saved them some money in the process. In other cases, we have searched our extensive resources to locate specific items that were out of stock but became available again one or two months later.

While our team will do its best, we cannot guarantee that the exact product, sizes, and quantities you want will be available in this current economic climate. If this is ever the case, Eagle Print Dynamics promises to guide you in creating customized gifts that will bring a smile to everybody’s face.

For gifts, creativity wins

Settled on starting early, but not sure where to begin? Discussing possibilities, making suggestions based on our experience, and telling you what is readily available in our comprehensive inventory of products is why we love what we do.

One popular solution that will “wow” your clients is developing a curated kit using in-stock products with your branding and custom-printed packaging. Just ask what we have available and give us your budget; we’ll take care of the rest.

Finally, consider giving food-based gifts, such as wine, baked goods, and locally produced specialties made in the U.S., which are always appreciated. Gift baskets can be branded with a unique company label, printed ribbon, or pressed onto cookies. Eagle has the connections to streamline this process and ensure that everything wraps up perfectly—allow us to do the heavy-lifting for the best outcome.

Holiday swag starts now

It’s only September, but the Eagle Print Dynamics team is standing by, ready to help with your 2021 holiday gift shopping. Give us a call now at 714-978-2200 to brainstorm ideas or contact us online for an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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