Highlight on Eagle’s Core Values: Dependability

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At Eagle Print Dynamics, we pride ourselves on being consistently reliable, exceptionally responsive, and unquestionably trustworthy. One of our three core values, Dependable Service, and a commitment to unshakable ethics and passion for delivering results make this possible.

In a previous blog post, we described how Eagle demonstrates ethics. This article shares what the principle of dependability means for our employees, clients, suppliers, and your business.

Consistency and Responsiveness

Whether a prospect is calling for an estimate or a client is awaiting an order, Eagle adheres to the highest standards of punctuality and reliability. From executives to entry-level employees, we are dedicated to being available, making on-time deliveries, following up promptly, and meeting scheduled deadlines.

At the same time, we take all necessary measures to ensure that our entire supply chain is held to the same rigid performance standards. Since we outsource production, each printer, manufacturer, and vendor must deliver on time and be easily reachable to keep our commitments to customers.

Eagle’s CEO, Tim Smith, says, “When we tell warehousing clients that their items will be shipped within 48 hours, we never miss that timeframe. Similarly, if a supplier promises delivery within 72 hours, we expect them to keep their word. However, if the delivery process consistently takes five or more working days, we will replace them with a more reliable, timely vendor.”

Dependability in action: Recently, when a promised shipment wasn’t ready for the courier to pick up at the agreed-upon time, Eagle Print’s Vice President Andrew Carte asked the courier to hand his mobile phone to the plant’s representative so he could have a direct conversation, get answers firsthand, and expedite the job’s completion for our client.

Accuracy and Accountability

Another essential element of dependable service is getting things done the right way, the first time. We hire employees who demonstrate utmost detail-orientedness to maintain precision accuracy, from complex business forms to personalized logo items and everything in between.

During the occasional printing error or delayed delivery, our staff is expected to be fully accountable, communicate the situation clearly, and work toward the most efficient remediation—even if it leads to a financial expense for Eagle. That’s because keeping our clients’ trust is always our highest priority.

Dependability in action: Our Washington office has been shorthanded lately, with only two sales representatives on staff. Several weeks ago, when one of them was overwhelmed with deliveries, the other rep offered to pitch in and help. As a result, all the deliveries were made on time, and every client remained happy with Eagle’s dependable service.

Going Above and Beyond

Another vital facet of dependability at Eagle is always going the extra mile to exceed our clients’ needs and expectations. Our highly experienced team of printing and promotional professionals offers far more than order fulfillment—first and foremost, we are experts in creative problem-solving!

Many of our clients consider us to be their strategic marketing partner, not just another vendor. We will sit down with you to plan and implement the best approach to reach your target customers, improve performance, and increase sales—whether through a direct mail campaign, a capabilities brochure, trade show giveaway items, branded apparel, or a combination of some or all of these.

We reinforce our Core Values, including Dependable Service, during performance reviews and monthly staff meetings, where selected employees receive shout-outs and are rewarded for going above and beyond based on these principles.

Dependability in action: A corporate customer requested that we use a specific invoicing format, significantly different from those generated by our internal accounting system. The Eagle accounting director went above and beyond to devise a creative solution involving a specially designed spreadsheet that met the client’s needs.

Make the Dependable Choice!

Depend on Eagle Print Dynamics when you need a consistently reliable and responsive promotional partner that creatively solves problems and delivers on time. Give us a call at 714-978-2200 or book a meeting for a no-cost consultation.

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