Foster Office Creativity and Culture with Branded Items

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Branded merchandise is more valuable than you think—cultivating a positive, thriving, and creative culture is one of many ways you can hire and retain satisfied employees. Branded merchandise is shown to increase morale, bolster productivity, and bring a sense of togetherness.

In this post, the Eagle team selects several of its favorite promotional items to support initiatives to foster creativity and culture in a wide range of office environments—whether for your own company, your customers, or your suppliers!

Play Sparks Inspiration and Productivity

All work (all the time) makes for discontented personnel. Striking a balance between work and fun is essential to increasing morale. Even better, playing on the job has been proven to relieve stress while leading to new perspectives and creative problem-solving!

Check out these trending ideas for inspiration, then talk to the Eagle team to strategize a custom solution for your organization:

Cloud Putty

This stretchable, squishable, scented stress reliever can help any staff member—from the break room to the boardroom—squeeze out stress and relax their minds. Cloud putty’s safe, non-toxic material is ultra-lightweight and billowy to the touch.

Silicone Pop-It Flyer

Whether you toss it or pop it, this 2-in-1 flyer and stress reliever is fun for everyone! Pressing the bubbles emits a satisfying popping sound, and it can also be thrown as an activity for multiple people.

Pickle Ball Set

Pickle Ball is an increasingly popular court-based team sport that has been taking the entire country by storm! It can be played by all ages and is perfect for team bonding outside of the office. Our set includes two wood paddles, a perforated plastic ball, and a mesh carry pouch.

Self-Care in the Workplace

Self-care belongs just as much on the job as it does at home. Whether employed in the warehouse, on the factory floor, or in a traditional office space, many workers experience frequent aches and pains. Enterprises that prioritize ergonomics and comfort can generate a culture of well-being for their labor force.

Here are two examples of branded, health-focused promotional products that will tell your workers how much you care. Search our online store or contact us for more unique recommendations specific to your needs!

Round Nylon-Covered Hot/Cold Pack

Clients or team members with aching muscles will appreciate warm and cold therapy from this one convenient item. This microwaveable and freezable gel pack has a soft nylon cover that feels very gentle on skin. Reusable, washable, and FDA certified.

BeWell™ Plush USB Mini Electric Heated Blanket

Get soothing pain relief from this USB-powered mini heated blanket that delivers targeted heat therapy to neck, shoulder, leg, or back pain while reading, watching TV, or traveling. Superconductive terry and fiber filling is wrapped in a cozy plush outer fabric for ultimate comfort. In addition, there are three adjustable temperature levels, an included USB power cable, and instruction manual.

Not Just for the Office

The five products included here, plus many others like them, are ideal to use within your organization for team-building programs, employee rewards, and vendor appreciation gifts. These items also make terrific promotional giveaways to prospective customers at trade shows or other business events, who will take them back home or to their offices, thus increasing your brand impressions.

However, you can get even more mileage for your brand while generating goodwill in your local community by thinking outside the box and looking for ways to be of service. For instance, you might sponsor a company pickleball team—or an entire park league—with the imprinted paddle sets!

Better yet, consider making charitable applications to support your enterprise’s corporate social responsibility or ESG (environmental, social, and governance) initiatives. For example, in addition to financial gifts, you could donate Cloud Putty and Pop-It Flyers to a kids’ afterschool program or provide several heated blankets to a cancer care facility for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

Limitless Possibilities from Eagle

Put a creative spin on your next promotion with imaginative, fun, and comforting branded items! Eagle Print Dynamics can assist you in choosing and producing the most effective solutions to support your company’s culture. Contact us today or call 714-978-2200 to schedule a consultation.

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