Best Trade Show Giveaway Ideas

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After nearly two years of virtual events, it’s a relief to see live conventions, conferences, and industry trade shows returning. Are you scheduling your company’s 2022 exhibit calendar? If so, now is the time to strategize and prepare!

Do the early stages of exhibit planning feel like a daunting task? Not to worry—Eagle Print Dynamics has compiled a list of the top ten trade show giveaway ideas. Consider your booth one step closer to being ready for the event.

How to Make Your Booth Pop!

Booth Design

Whether you are upgrading or starting from scratch, Eagle’s professionals will work with you to design a stunning backdrop and spectacular graphics with the power to impress visitors. We will provide a portable, all-in-one booth solution with a TV stand, portable display, shelving, and custom-printed header, like this simple, easy-to-install option. Uniquely designed LED-light panels and standalone backdrops are options as well.

Swag Bag Items

Drawing visitors to your booth can be as simple as offering a compelling promotion within a swag bag. As an example, for one client, Eagle created a custom-designed scratch-off card with different prize variations that required a booth visit to redeem, which proved to be very successful.

Booth Activities

Fun, interactive games and prizes such as a branded cornhole beanbag toss or these custom printed or dry erase prize wheels are sure to draw a crowd. Once people are there, remember to capture their contact information before allowing them to play, simply achieved by scanning a code on their name badge.

Custom Uniforms

A critical element is to present a consistent, unified appearance for everyone on your team through custom uniforms—from T-shirts and polos, to hats and jackets. Company branded apparel looks sharp and may lead to spontaneous conversations with prospects outside of the booth when your uniform is recognized.

The Strategic Use of Swag

Distributing branded items is one of the most effective and economical methods of boosting your brand’s image and generally provides a high return on your marketing investment.

However, developing the most impactful swag for event giveaways involves far more than just placing your logo on a random doodad and ordering off a website. Eagle Print Dynamic’s creative professionals take several key factors into consideration when customizing the ideal expo promotion for your company.

  • Event theme – We will make every effort to tie in your swag and messaging with the trade show’s theme or focus to maximize your impact on attendees and prospective customers.
  • Quality counts – Studies have shown that most customers base their impression of a brand on the quality of its promotional items. That’s why our team takes the utmost care to recommend useful, long-lasting products to reach and connect to your specific target audience.
  • Get creative – In addition to the items themselves, we can collaborate with you to deliver powerful, on-point messaging that incorporates your latest marketing initiative, a new product launch, or simply to communicate your brand personality.
  • Your product as hero – When done right, promotional swag can also be used strategically by the sales team to spark conversations with prospects about the key talking points of your service or products.

Let Eagle’s professionals help you navigate, create, and print a truly unique giveaway that puts your brand front and center, all under one roof!

Top 10 Trade Show Giveaways for 2022

To give you an idea of the range of promotional products that our team can provide for you, here is our pick for the Top 10 Giveaways in the coming year, based on the trends we are observing in the marketplace and the availability of items.

Custom-Shaped Key Chains A very popular item that can be die-cast to fit your brand in metal, which doubles as both a keychain and bottle opener.

Custom-Flavored Lip Butter – White-label any of our best-selling lip soothers to create a one-of-a-kind custom flavor name with your branding!

Eco-Friendly Custom Lip Balm – A variation of our custom-flavored lip butter, with sustainable packaging.

Promotional Products Inserted in a Flyer – Promote a new product, service, or other message with this fully-customized, printed booklet, while giving your existing and prospective customers a product that will make an impact. 

Set of Journals – This is a great way to create excitement for multiple product lines, brands, or services and tie in your corporate branding on the belly bands that wrap around a set of two or three blank journals.

Webcam/Selfie Light – With the increasing use of video calls fueled by the pandemic, having a well-lit face is important. Giving these away at a tradeshow will make your booth a huge hit! 

Tote Bags – Well-made totes are always appreciated, which makes them a great giveaway for trade shows. If you want to elevate your game with swag that will become one of their most-used items at home, go with an insulated grocery tote

National Day Calendar – This fun calendar is always a smash hit! It celebrates every day with a unique special event, such as Bloody Mary Day (January 1) and Rubber Ducky Day (January 13). A great aid for social media and marketing campaigns, these calendars with your logo will be referred to all year long.

Purified Bottled Water – Trade show attendees get quite a workout walking up and down the aisles. Lure thirsty prospects into your booth with custom-labeled bottled water.

Chip Clip – One of our perennial best sellers. Everyone needs a chip clip at home, in their office, and break rooms. This promotional product will keep your name in front of your end-user for a long time.

Bring your dream to life with Eagle!

Whatever your trade show vision, our creative experts can help bring your dream to life with truly unique, custom booth design and giveaway solutions that generate results. Be sure to plan your trade show strategy far in advance for 2022, as global supply chain issues are delaying overseas deliveries by 3-4 months. Take the first step today—make an appointment to talk to Eagle’s innovative creative team or call 714-978-2200.

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