Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Business Associates

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It’s November! This means you have less than two months remaining for holiday gift planning. We hope that by now, you have ordered all (or most) your client, employee, and vendor gifts for 2022, so they will be delivered and welcomed right on time!

But just in case you delayed too long or left a few important people off your list, it’s still not too late to make every recipient feel appreciated and cherished at holiday time.

In this article, the Eagle Print Dynamics team shares some of its favorite last-minute presents that look like they were planned months in advance. With our help to facilitate selection, purchasing, printing, and delivery, your gift recipients will never know the difference!

Go Local or National

While November is too late to order holiday items from overseas, due to supply chain snags and lengthy shipping delays, that isn’t an issue when you work with Eagle—the majority of suppliers we represent are domestic companies that imprint their products in the U.S.

We’ve built strong professional relationships with an extensive national network of vendors over the years, and we know where to find what you need and how to get it to you quickly, even from across the country! Plus, there are many local West Coast manufacturers and vendors who can offer a wide range of customized products available at this time. Think food, wine, gift baskets, and even holiday ornaments.

We also carefully curate food gifts sourced from small-batch producers all over the US. Many of these brands are women-owned, BIPOC-owned, multi-generational, and multi-award-winning. Every story is as rich as the food being crafted which makes our food experience that little bit sweeter than the rest. 

We offer a variety of fun, creative, and even interactive food gift sets (custom or premade depending on preference and the lead time available), such as Taco Night, Movie Night, Dinner in a Box, Winter Wonderland, and many more. For standard kits, we can brand your box and selected items, as well as adding a personalized gift tag or card.

Visit THIS LINK for sweet food ideas.

Other gift ideas from domestic companies include:

·   All styles of apparel

·   Hats and headwear

·   Throws or blankets

·   Backpacks

·   Drinkware

·   High-end Coolers

·   Home goods

·   Cutting boards

·   Gift sets curated by our Eagle team

·   And more

As a bonus, choosing gifts “Made in the USA” are sure to burnish your brand with a positive glow among business associates. Talk to us today to get started!

Be Flexible

When seeking last-minute gifts for business associates, it’s important to remain flexible.

Remember, the exact item you would prefer to give may not be available in the quantities you need by this time of the year. So, you may need to compromise on styles or brands. Fortunately, the experts at Eagle are very experienced in locating comparable alternatives

For example, if the Yeti cooler or drinkware you wanted most is back-ordered, we may find a similar option made by Contigo or Igloo. Also, when quantities of a specific apparel item are limited at one supplier, we will do our best to find another supplier for the remaining items from our vast network and coordinate the printing and shipping process seamlessly.

Should you wait until the very VERY last minute, your options are likely to be extremely limited…but not impossible! We can put a 24 or 48-hour rush on products with many vendors for an upcharge or focus only on hyper-local vendors who will have shorter shipping times.

Keep in mind that the closer you get to the holidays, the more expensive freight costs will be. While ground shipping is the most economical method, last-minute deliveries often require pricier options such as air or express shipping.

 March to a Different Drummer

For a unique approach, we offer this idea for consideration: pivot to a New Year’s gift instead!

Several Eagle customers have made a deliberate decision to send their clientele gifts and thoughtfully designed cards for New Year’s instead. That not only provides more time to order the products they want but also makes the shipping and delivery process much smoother. What’s more, this timing helps your brand stand out from all the others who sent gifts that may have gotten overlooked in the year-end rush.

Wishing your business associates “Welcome to 2023” in January, instead of “Happy Holidays” in December is a last-minute strategy that can work in your favor—and may even become an annual tradition!

Enjoy the Holidays with Eagle

We understand that last-minute business holiday giving can be super stressful. Let our team make it easier for your team. Contact us here or call 714-978-2200.

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