The Pen Is Mightier than the Sword

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Ah, the humble pen. A tool simple enough to create beautiful prose and poetry but powerful enough to bring down tyrants. 

In today’s digital world, pens remain an important analog alternative, always there for you to write a quick note, idea, or phone number. And from a promotional angle, the pen has serious staying power.

In fact, nearly 70% of promo pen recipients who received a pen in the past year remember the name of the advertiser, according to PPAI’s study “Writing Instruments in U.S. Households.”

How many times have you mistakenly “borrowed” the pen from that fancy hotel or restaurant? Don’t worry; we won’t tell. That’s what they’re there for! Companies love it when you take their branding into the world. With an average life span of eight months, promotional pens are an inexpensive option to deliver your branding and campaigns.

Check out the Eagle Print Dynamics store for a collection of the best, most steal-able promotional pens available.

Smooth Operators

The Pentel EnerGel Alloy Gel Ink series might cost a little more, but it also may become your new favorite pen. Featuring a 0.7-mm retractable tip, a stylish modern design, aluminum alloy barrel, and textured grip, the high-performance ink combines the best of liquid and gel inks for no-smear, quick-dry ink with super smooth writing. It’s available in seven vibrant colors and comes with a black ink refill.

Fidget Away

Whizz your stress away with the Wizzard Executive Stylus Pen! This twist retraction metal stylus pen features a fidget spinner on top that whizzes around with a flick of your thumb. The jumbo barrel allows for ergonomic comfort, and black anti-fraud ink adds elevated security. For a more affordable basic option, check out this Spin Top Pen With Stylus.

Comfort, Write This Way

The Kashmiro Comfort Pen is one of our clients’ long-time favorites—and for good reason. The oval-shaped executive pen features a soft-touch finish and bold gunmetal trim. The generous laser-engraved bronze imprint makes your branding stand out against the matte corporate colors.

For People on the Move

The BIC Intensity Clic Gel Pen is the perfect option for anyone who keeps their pen in a nearby pocket for quick use—think first responders, nurses, and doctors. The clip mechanism auto-retracts the tip, preventing dreaded ink stains. Plus, it has an ultra-smooth gel roller and comes in a variety of fun colors.

Back to Basics

A perennial classic: the BIC Clic Stic Pen. This dependable retractable pen features a lightweight barrel, break-resistant pocket clip, and medium ballpoint for smooth and consistent writing.

Built to Last

Our clients love all pen models from Javalina. The over-engineered plunger mechanism provides more than 10,000 clicks, while the clip and ergonomic barrel are crafted from ABS plastic for strength, rigidity, and toughness. But their main claim to fame is how smooth and effortless they write!

For an executive-level pen, check out the MaxGlide Click Corporate Pen. The air-cushioned rubber grip provides exceptional comfort and control, while the patented MaxGlide ink recipe and technology combine for an exceptionally smooth writing experience that can’t be duplicated.

Sustainability for the Win!

The Bambowie Bamboo Pen has a barrel made of eco-friendly, 100% renewable bamboo. The newest addition to our Eco-Minded line, the pen is a popular way to promote your brand in an environmentally friendly way. The high-capacity ballpoint cartridge with blue or black ink provides an excellent writing experience.

2-in-1 Special

The Duplex Brights Pen-Highlighter Duo combines a ballpoint pen with a yellow felt tip highlighter at the opposite end. It features a full-wrap imprint area—the size of a business card—with virtually unlimited color options for customization. Select from a variety of matching grip and cap color options to truly make this pen-highlighter duo a one-of-a-kind design.

Unlimited Design Options

The Elite Slim Frost has a gorgeous metallic trim and a frost grip. The sleek, slim barrel pen is trimmed in your choice of eight vivid colors and features a stylish frosted basket-weave grip. It features our SimpliColor printing process, yielding a huge imprint area with virtually unlimited colors and our gel-like Eversmooth hybrid ink for an extraordinary writing experience in blue or black ink.

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