Chill Out with Our Latest Cold-Weather Promotional Products

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The temperature is dropping! As the leaves change and the air cools—and we move from T-shirts and caps to sweaters and beanies—it’s time to look at some exciting new opportunities to promote your brand with cold-weather apparel and accessories. 

Plus, for most of us these days, winter doesn’t mean events slow down. Winter sports, holiday events, New Year fundraisers, trade shows—it doesn’t stop! 

Whether you’re looking for branded jackets, sweaters, and hats to outfit your whole team, or you’re in search of bags, beanies, and boots to use as event giveaways, the Eagle Print Dynamics 2023 Style Guide has it all. 

Immerse yourself in a curated selection of the latest styles, trends, and functional pieces that will help your brand look its best. 

Here’s a quick taste of what’s inside:

Head-to-Toe Comfy and Cozy

We’re featuring the softest fleece, flannel, and cotton pieces we can find this season from brands like Adidas, Columbia, and Boxercraft. Choose from boxers, pullover sweaters, hoodies, hats, and pajama pants equally perfect for lounging around or running errands.

Find Your Flannel on Page 3 of the Style Guide

Let’s Get Technical

Check out a selection of leggings, windbreakers, bucket hats, and backpacks in weather-resistant and insulated synthetic materials from brands like Champion, Nautica, and Oakley.

Shop our Windbreakers on Page 21 of the Style Guide

It’s in the Bag

We rounded up our most popular bags of the season. From canvas totes and clear fanny packs to backpacks and gym sacks, we’ve chosen only the highest quality and customer-approved products around—all fully customizable with your logo and branding.

Explore More Backpacks on Page 29 of the Style Guide

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