How to Choose Promotional Products for Virtual Events

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Making a virtual event into something memorable and special is no easy task. Customized items that participants can hold in their hands can create an authentic, real-world experience that events on a screen cannot match. Event organizers have plenty of options to choose from to deliver a unique experience without busting the budget.

Over the last year, Eagle Print Dynamics has helped dozens of businesses and organizations enhance their virtual events with high quality, thoughtful items. These are some of our thoughts about how your next virtual event can be made even better.

What products can enhance a virtual event?

Virtual events are nothing new. They have been around as long as video conferencing, offering a great way for people to be a part of something special no matter where they are. 

With the pandemic, virtual events aren’t just popular, they’re a necessity. Businesses, professional organizations, clubs, and schools are using virtual events to build bonds and hold celebrations.

Every experienced event organizer knows how important swag can be for helping participants create brand experiences that last. Items need to be customized with event logos, sponsor logos and event information and then printed and distributed efficiently. 

That’s where Eagle comes in. We have a vast array of options suitable for any type of event. Here are some of the popular options:

  • Professionally produced paper materials. In our digitalized world, beautifully printed stationery, brochures, and programs have great impact. 
  • Custom apparel. High quality shirts and hats can be affordably accessorized with corporate logos, school names, and memorable graphics to enhance your brand.
  • Personalized gifts. Print the names of your attendees right on their swag. It’s an added personal touch that is sure to make them feel special.
  • Flags and banners. Just because an event is virtual doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have the look of the “real thing.” A tastefully designed banner can be a powerful way to brand an event with a highly visible, tangible item.
  • Notepads, journals, and workbooks. Giving participants something to write on is great for events where participants will take notes. But they serve another purpose, too: people tend to keep them around, helping to reinforce a brand, remind them of the event, and most importantly, remind them of you, even years later.
  • Customized tools. Pens, water bottles, keychains, and other simple items are popular at “live” events, and people love getting them in the mail ahead of virtual ones, too. As you might expect, custom labeled hand sanitizers and masks have been a hit over the last year.

Example: Virtual commencement ceremonies

Commencement ceremonies offer a good example of how a customized item or two can turn “just another hour on Zoom” into something special. Schools at every level are helping their graduates celebrate together with packages of printed materials: signs celebrating their achievement, branded pens and pencils they will carry into the next phase of their lives, and so on. 

The character of a virtual event changes dramatically when everyone on camera is wearing the same colors. Some graduation ceremonies are adding bright t-shirts in the school’s colors to the customary gown. When everyone pops up on screen wearing the same shirt, they will feel a deeper connection.

There’s still time to order customized supplies for your school’s 2021 virtual commencement ceremony. Get in touch with Eagle today!

Get help to make the right choices

The good news for event organizers is that the printing industry has an almost unlimited selection of products to choose from. That can also be bad news, because making the right choices can be tough.

Printed materials of every kind—from paper to pens to shirts—can be purchased in varying degrees of quality. At the low end, the pens feel cheap and run out of ink after one use, the paper is flimsy and lacks pop, and the shirts aren’t worth wearing. Many of the pop-up swag shops you’ll find online peddle low-grade products like this. In our view, it is a better use of your organization’s budget to invest in other aspects of the event rather than to buy junk.

Good quality printed materials don’t need to be expensive. In our experience, something great can be found for just about every budget. At Eagle, we don’t just sell products, we also offer comprehensive advice. Need help getting your logo into a format printers can use? Need to bounce color ideas off of us? No problem. We’ll be your partner through every stage and help your event be the best it can be. 

Talk with one of our service advisors to come up with a great custom package. Call Eagle Print Dynamics today at (714) 978-2200!

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