Building a Better Employee Welcome Kit

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An employee welcome kit can be a great way to make a new employee feel like part of the team, even before they get to work. At Eagle Print Dynamics, we have helped many businesses—big and small—develop creative, practical, and personalized employee welcome kits.

Consider these tips when developing your own custom employee welcome kit:


It’s important to set a budget that makes sense. This package of materials is designed to welcome a new employee to your company. It should be a nice presentation and have all the pieces you need to include. However, it doesn’t need to break your budget. Some companies will go overboard with their employee welcome kits. This is great if you have the budget. If not, you may need to be more strategic about what you spend on yours.


The best employee welcome kits will include elements of personalization. If there are gifts or trinkets included, it’s worth going the extra step to personalize them. A nice custom pen, shirt, or just the welcome letter itself with the recipient’s name on it will help make them feel valued. Some welcome kits may include ID badges and passes that need to be personalized.

Think Practical

Fun gifts and touches are what put an employee welcome kit over the top and make it more memorable for the recipient. However, the core of your kit should be practical. Make sure to include the necessary HR forms (tax forms, direct deposit, insurance, etc.), requisite training materials, and other pieces that the new employee must have. Start with the practical elements and then build the rest of your kit from there. 


Building your company’s brand is more than just about how you market to your customers. It is also about how you relate to your employees. Your welcome kit should be properly branded and customized with your logo, taglines, color scheme, and other elements to ingrain your core brand messages in the mind of your new employees. This may include a well-presented mission or core values statement as part of the package so that the employee knows what kind of culture you are trying to build.


The reproduction process and expenses are significant factors to consider, especially if you are going above and beyond with the personalization of your welcome packages. Although you can purchase some items in bulk–such as employment forms, training manuals, and branding pieces–personalized gifts may need to be created one at a time.


Making a positive first impression is vital. Your welcome package will be one of your first opportunities to accomplish this. When hiring remote workers, the packaging and presentation of your employee welcome kit is valuable.


Quality should also be at the forefront. Cheap materials and a shoddy presentation may work against you. If your company looks sloppy and cheap to your new employee, then it’s hard to build the proper culture and loyalty right off the bat.

These are some of the significant factors to consider when choosing which materials you want to include in your employee welcome kit and putting together your welcome packages. Contact Eagle Print Dynamics today for an introductory consultation. We will walk alongside you in creating your business’ custom printing and personalization needs.

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