Veterans Day—Honoring Those Who’ve Served

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Each November 11 we celebrate Veterans Day, honoring those who have served their country in the armed forces. It’s a significant day that allows us to show our appreciation for their service and sacrifice. And while we set aside a special day once a year, we can also continue to honor and respect veterans in our everyday lives. 

If you have veterans on your team—there’s a good chance you do—there are a number of ways to let them know you see them and care. Plus, respecting and celebrating veterans isn’t just important to those who’ve served. It’s also important to their families and loved ones.

Thank Veterans for Their Service

Simply saying thank you can be incredibly powerful. It gives you the chance to express your gratitude and lets the veteran know they are seen and appreciated.

Be Sensitive to Those Who’ve Served

Veterans make so many sacrifices—their time, comfort, and safety, to name a few. However, not every veteran expects or even wants recognition. Before you throw a big Veterans Day party, be open with the vets on your team, and more importantly, listen. Many feel proud to be asked. Others may not want to speak about their service, but they can still be recognized in other ways. Talk to your HR team to learn how to appropriately broach the topic.

Learn to Properly Fly the Flag 

A simple way to show appreciation for veterans is to fly the flag outside your office. Veterans see the stars and stripes as a symbol of pride. It’s a reminder they’ve honorably served their country. Businesses should learn from the veterans in their ranks how to properly handle, raise, fold, and store the flag.

Give Back to Veterans’ Organizations Many organizations support both veterans and their families. Employers can show their support for the veterans on their team by donating to these organizations or partnering with them on workplace initiatives. The Wounded Warrior Project, Disabled American Veterans, and Veterans Affairs are all great places to start. 

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