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The effects of stewards of our environment have impacted us all in some way. Whether it’s fires, floods, tornadoes, or hurricanes, no one is untouched. Our only hope is to change our ways…

Adidas®, available through Eagle Print Dynamics, is one company doing just that. Currently, a staggering 65% of all apparel is made using virgin plastics. You may not even realize your polyester clothing contributes to our global plastic problem. However, the Adidas® End Plastic Waste line of apparel pledges to eliminate virgin plastics and exclusively use recycled polyester in all of their products by 2024. Their mission is to be the most progressive brand in the world using their power to change lives.

Adidas® has made a commitment to the environment that doesn’t stop with recycled polyester in their clothing. Their End Plastic Waste program includes rethinking the packaging they use, sourcing 100% sustainable cotton, and educating future generations about ocean plastics through contributions to the Parley Oceans Program.



Adidas® isn’t the only brand taking steps to help with stewards of our environment. Eagle’s line of apparel also includes sustainable options from Allmade®. 

The Feel Your ImpactTM line by Allmade® produces apparel that puts the needs of people and the planet first.  Allmade® accomplishes this by manufacturing t-shirts using three sustainable fibers: 50% recycled polyester made from plastic water bottles, 25% TENCELTM Modal sourced from sustainable beech trees, and 25% organic, US-grown cotton. 

When purchasing an Allmade® t-shirt, you’re helping to prevent the equivalent of up to six plastic water bottles from ending up in the ocean. In addition, Allmade® tees are made with less water than other apparel. Their unique blend of fibers also help to reduce their carbon footprint. Important factors for the health of you, me, and our ocean’s inhabitants.

Protecting the earth is an important topic, especially with Millennials and Gen Z. Their buying habits are based on more than how a product looks. They’re concerned with how it was made and its impact on the environment. It’s time we all rethink our actions and purchases to help be the change that the planet so desperately needs. 


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