Promotional Trends for Travel in 2023

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In January, the Eagle Print Dynamics team headed to Las Vegas for the annual PPAI Expo to explore the most creative new products and latest industry trends. Overall, we discovered a definite evolution toward high-quality, durable promo items that are meant to last and provide real value to the recipient.

More specifically, we noticed that travel was a hugely popular theme for the coming year now that the global pandemic has mostly eased up. We’re sharing some of our favorite on-the-go promotional solutions inspired by PPAI (Promotional Products Association International): 

Premium Personalization

Personalizing upscale corporate gifts is a meaningful way to acknowledge board members, executives, or retiring long-time employees for their exemplary service to your organization. Put their name and your logo on stylish decanter sets, unique wood or bamboo watches, and elegant vegan leather items, such as a custom, handcrafted wallet or this stylish brown leather laptop backpack from one of our premium vendors that gives back by donating a portion of every sale to children’s hospitals across the U.S.

Elevated Bags and Tags

For those who value privacy over personalization, we love this customizable, stainless steel luggage tag with ReturnMe Lost & Found Service. It adds an extra level of security to airline travel by using a QR code instead of personal information, with a $50 reward for returned bags.

Help a road warrior travel light by branding an innovative, convenient custom logo collapsible suitcase. It’s 75% thinner than average suitcases and easily folds away for space-efficient storage.

When it comes to totes, this laminated Eurotote bag is a cut above, with 1, 2 or full color options, customizable rope or silk handles, and a durable gloss or matte laminated finish; available in S, M, L, and bottle sizes at unusually low minimums.

Mobile Tech Products

Eliminate the hassle, expense, and waste of printing business cards by giving your employees a digital business card instead; after electronically embedding their personalized contact information, they can share digitally with networking connections. 

This portable, stackable 3-In-1 charger got a lot of attention at PPAI for its charging versatility, exceptional portability, and “cool factor” of its one-of-a-kind, tri-folding design. 

And if you’re looking to give out good-quality earbuds at a much lower price point than you-know-whose, music lovers will appreciate receiving the first metal TWS earbuds in the industry. 

Journals for Journeyers

Memo pads are so last century. For taking notes, recording a travelogue, writing poems, sketching, or expressing one’s innermost thoughts, we recommend such next-generation journals as a water-resistant notebook that can go anywhere, in any weather, or an eco-friendly notebook that lays perfectly flat when opened. For attention-getting product launches, brand promotions, or nurturing corporate culture, this journal and this one not only allow for customization of the front and back covers and elastic band color, but also offer vivid, full-color branding options on the interior pages!

Beach Vacations

Another trend we noticed at the Expo was the latest in shoreline chic: waffle weave fabric! Yes, just like the bathrobes at your favorite spa—but translated into beach towels like this cotton weave and this sublimated print towel, for the ultimate in comfort on the sand or at poolside.

Make a Real Impact with Eagle

Here is our main takeaway from the PPAI Expo: As you focus on your branding strategy for the year ahead, we suggest being more intentional with your giveaways and budget accordingly. Consider that 100 premium products would make a stronger impact on your key customers and prospects than 500 cheaper pieces. 

The experienced professionals at Eagle can help you bring meaning and value to your travel-related promotions. Contact us online or call 714-978-2200.

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